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Seminars & Workshops

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Zion Fellowship India has had the joy of presenting teaching seminars in many nations. This forum enables pastors, teachers, and leaders to gather for intensive study in a wide variety of subjects. Here are a few highlights of what these seminars can achieve:

– A means of uniting the body of Christ by gathering together for the specific purpose of honouring Him

– Touching base with those who may be involved in the correspondence courses or who use Zion books in their curriculum

– Effective teaching from materials that have been translated into Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Oriya and Kannada languages

– The ability to provide books for delegates, which maximizes the impact of the seminar and allows the sown seed to be maintained and developed

Zion Fellowship India recognizes the resourcefulness and wisdom that God has placed in the hearts and minds of many pastors and leaders around the world. We believe that God, in His wisdom, has great plans to meet the needs of the end-time harvest through these international networks. God is uniting and extending His body for this purpose, and it is the goal of these seminars to further that work.

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