Bible training certificate is a curriculum designed to bring Bible training to local churches & Individuals anywhere in the world. Because many people desire to receive biblical instruction, but are unable to attend a traditional school, this program is an excellent opportunity to learn the same life-changing truths.

BTC is available to churches of any cultural or denominational background. The main focus of this program comes from the portion of Isaiah 33:6 which states, “Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times, and strength of salvation.” It is our prayer that the courses in this program will provide spiritual substance for church members and will be used by God to instill wisdom and knowledge that strengthens every open heart and helps prepare the church for the end times.

Bible Training Certificate provides a complete package of Bible Training for the local churches and to the individuals who have enrolled on distance education including:

  • 12 Text books
  • 12 Test Papers
  • Video & Audio Teachings (Where applicable)
  • Online Teaching sessions
  • At the completion of the course certificates will be awarded from Zion Christian University, USA

In addition to these items, the program includes the BTC Handbook, and all the forms & processes to operate this program in your church.

Bible Training offers the following programs:

Bible Training Certificate (BTC) – 12 months
This program consists of the completion of the following 12 courses:
1. Steps to spiritual growth
2. Foundations of Faith
3. True Christianity
4. Moses Tabernacle
5. Journey of Israel
6. Philippians
7. Galatians
8. Romans
9. Hebrews
10. Holy Spirit
11. Victory over self-centred life
12. The Second Coming

Bible Training Diploma (BTD) – 12 months
This program consists of the completion of the following 12 courses:
1. Acts
2. Colossians & Philemon
3. Daniel
4. The Lives of David & Solomon
5. Genesis
6. Pillars of faith
7. The Gospel of John
8. Glory to Glory
9. Marriage and Family
10. Anointed Music & Worship
11. Epistle of peter
12. Revelation

The above is only a suggested order of courses for study. Additional courses are available beyond these programs for continued studies. The Bible Training Program is currently available in both English and Telugu.